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nehru trophy boat race 2012 photo gallery

nehru trophy celebrates diamond jubilee

nehru trophy boat race starting date 2012 august 9,10,11.

three day event this year

The 60th Nehru Trophy Boat race is being celebrated on the 11th of August 2012 in the picturesque Punnamada Lake, in the town of Alappuzha popularly known as the "venice of the East" which was founded by late Raja Kesavadas, the Diwan of earstwhile Travancore. The tranquil Alappuzha with its corduroy of canals undergoes a transformation in early August to a frenzy activity and enthusiasm which reaches it is summit on the second Saturday, the day on which the world famous 'kuttanad's Olympics on Water is held annually.Twenty Chundanas or Snake Boats with hundred or more oarsmen vie with each other to win and kiss the prestigious Nehru Trophy which was donated by the late Pndit Jawahar Lal Nehru,the first Prime Minister of India.The boat race also features boats of smaller size namely 'Veppu,Iruttukuthi Churulan'etc.,the total coming to nearly fifty and the participants running to a staggering two thousand five hundred including pretty damsels of Kuttanad and students for whom there are separate races. For those spectators who are for the first time,the boat race will be a mind-boggling affair.The rows of the thirty five metre snake boats,carry over hundred oarsmen with for at the helm and others sitting on the sides,padding in unison,to the rhythm set by a band placed at the centre.The boats crawling fast like giant centipedes on water,of darting like black arrows emitting water hor sparks are a sight to be watched for the merethrill of it.The 1.35 Km.race course which is twenty metres wide is diveded into four tracks and the fact that the snake boats take only less than five minitues to cover the distance is somthing to be seen to be believed. The orgin of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race dates back to 1952,when the Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,the first Prime Minister of India,visited the state.He chanced a trip from Kottayam to Alappuzha,by boat.A pegeantry of snake boats accompaniedhim on the trip,Fascinated by the rhythm and precision of the paddlers,Nehru is said to have jumped into one of the boats.He suggested making a boat race an annual event and promised to donate a trophy. Later he send an autographed silver replica of a snake boat as a trophy,engraved with a hand written messege:"Tothe winners of the boat race which is a unique features of the community life in Travancore-Cochin". The boat race is also a symbol of the communal harmony prevailing in the sate.The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is one of the rare events in the state that has managed to grab space in the international tourist map and calendar.The boat race is declared has "sports"by the Government and time is not away when the boat race becomes an Olympic cvent.

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nehru trophy boat race 2012 photo gallery

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